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Mining Buses

ATW manufacture specialised 4x4 Mine Buses for commercial drilling, mining and mineral exploration companies. The 4x4 Mining specification buses are renowned worldwide for their safe operation, tough and long lasting construction, operating in extreme terrains and highly corrosive environments. All vehicles are based on Japanese or European 4x4 truck chassis that are commonly available through existing dealer networks and incorporate specially developed passenger modules by ATW


The 4x4 Bus modules can be easily replaced once the service life of the truck has been reached and then transferred onto a new replacement chassis. As the passenger modules are built from the most durable materials available, they remain an asset for years to come. Some buses are now fitted to their 4th chassis after 12 years of extreme service. This works out to be extremely cost effective over a long term when compared to replacing entire vehicles. All internal and external panels are of composite construction and are extremely tough, easy to repair and even easier to maintain. They are typically hosed out inside to be cleaned, perfect for a high usage, 4x4 Mine Bus.


With over 20 years experience building 4x4 Buses, 4x4 Coaches and 4x4 Special Vehicles, ATW has a wealth of expertise in areas such as CAD design, custom engineering, composite body construction, electrical systems design, suspension upgrades, and specialised accessories. The ATW manufacturing facility can meet even the toughest of safety requirements when fitting out new vehicles for specific mine sites. There are currently several ATW 4x4 Mine Buses working in underground hard rock mines that meet stringent MDG15 U/G standards.


All vehicles are built in accordance with ADR 59 rollover standard eliminating the need for secondary ROPS frame and are eligible for road registration in any state in Australia. Front cabins have dual air bags and all bus seating complies with ADR 68. They provide greater levels of operational safety and are the preferred type of 4x4 vehicle by Federal Transport for general domestic transportation in both on and offroad conditions. Seating is specially designed without armrests or any protrusions that may catch or hook up clothing or tool belts. They are large coach-size seats covered in heavy duty canvas with a wide aisle between them for easy access and mobility within the module while the three seats in the front cab (if needed) are very spacious and should not be compared to smaller 4x4 or van type seating.


A specially developed spring body mounting system eliminates the high stress placed on the chassis when travelling in rough conditions. Extra heavy duty suspension systems combined with larger off-road Super Single Wheel conversions, improve cornering stability, comfort levels and reduce equipment failure. ATW now has several appointed agents for these conversions in every State of Australia and the wheel packages have now been widely adopted in the construction and mining industry as well as by many Government agencies using these types of trucks such as Rural Fire Brigades and Parks & Wildlife Services. 


Available in 3 new styles to suit specific personnel transportation needs including

  • 2000 Series Multicab Truck – 10 to 14 seats with an interchangeable large, all steel, dropside, work tray or service body fitted to the rear. 
    To suit Japanese 4x4 cab chassis with 6000kg GVM. 

  • 4000 Series Bus – Up to 21 seats. To suit Japanese 4x4 cab chassis with 6,000kg GVM. 

  • 7000 Series Bus – Up to 30 seats. To suit 4x4 cab chassis above 10,000kg GVM. 
    Note: Custom builds up to 37 seats are available with chassis modifications upon request. 

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